It’s not natural for dog’s to walk on a leash. They need to be trained.

Leashing your dog is important for the safety of your dog and for people around your dog. Dog’s have a natural instance to run and chase, so leash training your dog is an essential part of being a good pet parent.

It’s best to start leash training your dog at four to six week sold when they are fast learners. First, your dog needs to be introduced to the collar or harness by letting them get used to wearing it. It shouldn’t be too heavy, too tight or distracting. Attach the leash to the collar or harness while your pup is inside and play with them or offer treats so that wearing it represents fun.

Practice walking with a loose leash inside the house. Walk forward a few steps, engaging them. When they meet you at your side, offer a treat and praise them for good behavior. Once they have shown their mastery inside the house, it’s time to go outdoors. Practice in a distraction-free area such as your backyard or a quite, off-peak time park. Always praise your dog for good behavior.

Tips on Leash Training

When your dog is consistently comfortable and cooperating with a loose leash, heel training should be the next step.Your dog should always walk on your right or left side and keep pace with you – stop when you stop and walk when you walk. Heeling is an important skill for circumstances when your dog needs to stay close to you. For regular, every day walks, movement and healthy exercise may be too limited. Practice regularly and reward your dog when they are at your side. Take a few steps forward, reward with a treat and continue. Chance from right to left and continue to offer praise when they are by your side. It’s important that when you are ready to stop that you give your dog a release cue, by throwing a treat in a different direction.

Some dogs can be uncooperative and it’s important to be patient and diligent through the process. Do not allow pulling, lunging or barking. Remain calm. Don’t continue walking if your dog is exhibiting bad behavior – pulling them along by the leash could hurt them and cause them to associate the leash with a bad experience. It’s best to stop, distract their attention and try again, using the techniques described above.